As a manager, I directed our UX team to provide all levels of research, planning, design, and execution for our namesake B2C property. The UX efforts increased traffic (especially mobile), maintained/grew ad revenue by adding more meaningful integration, clarified the site's value proposition/focus, and established a clean, simple, and more usable interface.


As a manager, this was one of multiple projects I was leading at the time. For this redesign, I identified the need to do a general online shopping research study in order to understand what problem(s) we needed to solve with the new site. I led the effort to create a survey to be sent out in which responses were filted by established personas in order to identify candidates for the research study. I facilitated user interviews and coached my direct reports to facilitate themselves. I then led an outcome activity in which we compiled all of our findings and identified additional value propositions. These outcomes provided enough incentive for our CEO to green light the entire project. I then faciliated co-design workshops and design sprint based on Google Ventures' approach. As a result, we drove several concepts to prototype within a week. This led to an MVP to market within 6 months that worked on desktop, tablet, and mobile web.



Stakeholder/user interviews, contextual inquiry, questionnaire, site mapping, hypotheses/success metric generation, cross-functional design studio, rapid prototyping (Keynote & HTML/CSS), & high-fidelity design.


Desktop, tablet and mobile web


Keynote, Axure, Adobe suite, HTML/CSS/JS